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Common questions asked by our clients.

How to get a mortgage when self-employed?

There is no legal problem for a self-employed to get a mortgage. However, several banks have internal regulations against them. Yo...

How to reduce income tax for the self-employed?

One way to reduce the tax burden would be to create a legal entity that you control and use it as a “middleman” between you an...

How much is self-employment tax?

There is no special tax for self-employed people in Germany. You will have to pay the normal income tax, just like workers in a fi...

How to calculate self-employment tax?

The income tax basically follows certain limits. Until about €9.900 no tax has to be paid. After that, it will start with a perc...

How much tax do self-employed people pay?

In the most simple set-up, self-employed have to pay the income tax. The exact amount depends on the yearly income. The higher the...

What is the best retirement plan for the self-employed?

As a self-employed person (start-upper, freelancer, etc.) you are not subject to compulsory insurance. You can, but do not have to...

Which pension scheme is the right one for the self-employed?

There is no general answer to this question. In principle, the so-called basic pension, also called Rürup pension, is a very good...

What subsidies can I receive as a self-employed?

The most valuable subsidy for the self-employed is the immense tax advantage you can receive. Here, a subsidy rate of up to 42% aw...

Is there a pension insurance obligation for the self-employed?

For certain occupational groups, self-employed people are already obliged to pay into the pension fund or certain pension schemes....

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