Explore multiple real-world possibilities

We combine techniques from stochastic finance and computer science to run simulated scenarios of your future

What we do in the background

  • 1Detect possibilities
  • 2Build scenarios
  • 3Evaluate outcomes

Detect your possibilities

We scan the market to identify real financial options based on your situation.

Build future scenarios

  • Expert decision models

    Building on the expertise of our in-house financial advisors we derived criteria for when certain financial decisions become viable and designed decision trees that can infer potential options based on your simulated personal balance sheet.

  • Grid search

    When encountering decisions such as how much you should invest, the amount of potential scenarios grows exponentially and only a computer has the computational power to scan all the potential scenarios available.

  • Financial models

    Our experts have build financial models of taxation, asset performance, risk impact, cashflow, debt repayment, property appreciation and much more as building blocks used in the scenarios.

Evaluate possible outcomes

At the moment you can only see the most likely outcome of the scenario analysis

Coming soon!

Risk Sensitivity analysis

Private Beta

Our algorithms simulate worst-case scenarios and many potential adverse scenarios to discover the real impact they may have on your plans.


Private Beta

See how your investment portfolio will perform in the future if the stock market behaves like it did in a previous decade, such as the 1970s.

Monte Carlo method

Private Beta

By running thousands of slightly different scenarios we can explore the most common outcome for your investment plans.

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