Horizon65 is on a mission to rebuild the pension industry

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We believe that you can do no wrong by helping you achieve your goals even if it doesn’t make money



We strive to break down a highly complex topic into easy-to-understand information



We have no particular association to any of the solutions we recommend



We are open and transparent about costs, fees and expectations at all times

“During the corona crisis, I was helping out my parents sorting out their pensions and I was fascinated by the fact this industry has managed to escape 30 years of digitilization and still relied on paper to communicate with their clients. It's no surprise that many clients are still unwittingly investing in cluster ammunition and defense industries as they have no real way to find out what their money is actually invested in. As a fintech entrepreneur my interest was piqued and Horizon65 was born as a free client-focussed retirement planner to set you up with the lowest fee pension contracts in the market and with the necessary tools to track your investments over your lifetime. Our goal is to build a completely digital retirement solution that is trustworthy, committed to simplicity and truly part of your team so that you can rely on it for the rest of your life.”

Nicolas Overloop

Founder and CEO of Horizon65


Founded by two fintech experts


Nicolas Overloop

Founder & CEO

Before Horizon65, Nicolas founded NoviCap which is the largest fintech lender in Spain with a loan volume of more than 850 million. NoviCap was called out as the 74th fastest growing EU tech company in 2019 by the Financial Times.


Seamus Wolf

Founder & COO

Seamus is our absolute pensions nerd and has been advising executives and CEOs on their retirement planning before joining Horizon65. Seamus was one of the early employees of Clark, a large fintech.

Join us to reduce these depressing statistics


don't know how much money they will have when they retire


are anxious when thinking about their retirement


of your income will be lost on average the day you retire