Our mission is to empower everyone to achieve the retirement they deserve.

Our three core strengths

  • Technology
  • Financial Expertise
  • User experience
  • Our origins

    Only 27% of Europeans have an adequate savings plan in place

    Source: EU Report for pension adequacy

    An additional 2 Trillion Euro per year need to be saved in the EU to avoid widespread poverty. This is an issue that affects everyone, yet remains largely unadressed.

    When Horizon65, Nicolas Overloop, investigated this issue, he determined that while most people were doing something against this, they weren’t saving enough.

    What did he find out?

    Those who were investing enough were only doing so because they had their situation analysed by a financial advisor.

    This led Nicolas to team up with Seamus, an accredited financial advisor.

    Together they spent countless hours to simplify typical financial advice process by combining Nicolas’s technical expertise with Seamus’s financial expertise. As a result, Horizon65 was created.

    Our method is to democratise access to financial knowledge.

    To achieve this goal, they developed a user-friendly tool which allows the user to become their own financial advisor. With the help of technology, the product aims to make expertise accessible, affordable and useful on a consistent basis – especially for those, who view dealing with finances as a chore.

    Our Team


    Nicolas Overloop

    Founder & CEO

    Nicolas is an experienced fintech entrepreneur who previously founded NoviCap, Spain’s largest Fintech lender with over 1.3 Billion Euro of granted loans. The company was cited by the Financial Times as the 74th quickest growing EU Tech-company in 2019. As a former CTO, Nicolas has in-depth technical expertise when it comes to building financial products.


    Seamus Wolf

    Founder & COO, Senior Financial Advisor

    Seamus is a senior financial advisor who brings extensive experience in advising top executives and CEOs with their investment planning. Seamus carries a deep understanding of the German finance industry and financial products available to investors.


    Ziad Raji

    Senior Financial Advisor

    Ziad Raji is a former private banker for Standard Charter and Capital Jordan Bank, where he was responsible for asset management and financial consulting for HNW and UHNW individuals. Ziad is a Chartered wealth manager and now consults expats and HNW individuals at Horizon65.


    Richard Gal

    Quantitative Software Engineer

    Richard is a former Financial Derivates Trader, specialized in STIRs and German bond futures, who used to act as the chief portfolio manager at GDF Suez. He has since then started a new carrier as a software engineer and applies his in-depth knowledge of stochastic finance onto our prediction engine.


    Our HQ

    We are a Berlin-based digital company

    Unter den Linden 24
    10117 Berlin

    Our data centres are located in Germany and certified with the ISO27001-certificate

    Our company is a licensed investment broker with the registration number D-F-107-BGJA-69 in line with § 34f Abs. 1 S. 1 GewO of German banking regulations.

    Broker register (http://www.vermittlerregister.info):
    Registration Nr. D-3XN4-J9P4C-21 (für § 34d Abs. 1)
    Registration Nr. (für § 34f Abs. 1 S. 1 GewO)

    Frequently asked questions

    What happens if Horizon65 goes bankrupt?

    Should Horizon65 cease to exist then your finances are not affected, we only provide calculation and act as a point of contact to potential investment firms that manage your money.

    Any investment you can contract through our app will be with a BaFin regulated entity that will not be affected by our bankruptcy.

    Should it happen you can contract the investment firm directly or contact a traditional financial advisor to take over the communication with your investment firm.

    Does Horizon65 manage my money?

    No, we do not manage your money.

    Any investment you can contract through our app will be a BaFin regulated firm. This firm will have many safeguards in place to protect your money.

    Is Horizon65 regulated?

    Yes, we are licensed to operate as an investment broker.

    How do you guarantee the quality of your team?

    Great question, we prefer to hire senior people with years of industry expertise but also with mindset to help the client.

    We take complaints about our experts very seriously and have taken corrective action in the past when we realized that their knowledge or intentions did not meet our standards.

    What about sustainability?

    As a company we don’t take position on what you should or should not invest in.

    The app includes both sustainable and traditional investment options. If you have any doubts about the sustainability of your investments you can always discuss them in depth with our experts.

    Why don’t you do stocks and crypto?

    The science of long-term forecasting does not work when dealing with individual investments such as shares and crypto.

    By definition such investments are highly concentrated and are overly exposed to risks that could wipe out the value of that investment such as fraud (think Wirecard), cyber security risk (think Equifax), mismanagement (think Enron), market risks or even personal risks (what happens to Tesla if Elon Musk dies?).

    Our clients want financial security and individual investments do not provide enough safety.

    The value of individual investments over a long time is also impossible to predict.

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