How much is the pension for caring for relatives?

Relatives often take on the care of a family member in need and sometimes even give up their job to do so. To ensure that this does not have a negative impact on their own pension, the care insurance fund of the person in need of care pays the pension contributions of the caregiver.
However, this entitlement only exists if the care is not provided on a gainful basis. This is the case if the caregiver receives little or no remuneration. Additional prerequisites for a pension entitlement of the caregiver are:
1. the caregiver lives in Germany, the European Economic Area or CH.
2. the medical services of the health insurance fund must classify the care as necessary.
3. there is an entitlement to benefits from the long-term care insurance and a 4. long-term care degree of at least 2 has been determined.
5. the care takes up a minimum of ten hours per week (at home) and is spread over a minimum of two days per week.
6. the carer works a maximum of 30 hours a week in addition.

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