How much is a good pension?

The amount of your pension depends on the contributions you have paid in and the number of years you have contributed. Here are a few examples of how much pension you would receive (figures for 2021) depending on your salary after 45 years of contributions:
Monthly salary Monthly pension West Monthly pension East (all values gross)
1500 683 669
1750 797 780
2000 911 891
2500 1138 1114
3000 1366 1337
3500 1594 1560
4000 1821 1783
5000 2276 2229

The table shows how important additional private old-age provision is, because the payments of the SPS are at best suitable as a basic pension. Those who want to save additionally for their old-age provision can invest in ETFs, pension funds or Rürup contracts. The advantage: this saves additional taxes, because the tax office recognises many private pension products.

It is crucial to plan for retirement early. Even if you only save small amounts for your old-age provision as a young professional, this will add up over your entire working life. A pension planner is helpful here.

If you want to understand what you can expect from the german state pension than you can calculate it accurately with our mobile app.

You can also simulate any potential investments in the app that you could make to supplement the state pension.

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