How much Riester pension will I receive?

These factors determine the amount of the Riester pension:
1. contract term
2. the amount of contributions paid in
3. investment performance of the provider
4. the sum of the state allowances

The term of the contract has the greatest influence on the amount of the pension later on. This is because the longer you pay in, the higher the sums you will receive. Tip: Have your provider calculate your expected payout well in advance of the start of your pension.

According to the Federal Government, Riester pensioners who retired in 2020 received an average Riester pension of 113 euros per month. By 2030, however, the average Riester pension is expected to rise to 267 euros per month. You should therefore plan your pension at an early stage and consider in which old-age provision components you want to invest in addition to the statutory pension insurance.

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