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Are assisted living expenses tax-deductible?

Yes, according to § 33 EStG (Einkommensteuergesetz) of the tax code, exceptional living expenses are tax-deductible. This include...

When do I apply for an EM pension?

EM pensions are for workers who cannot work or can only work part-time, often because of an accident or illness. However, reduced ...

When should I apply for an unlimited EM pension?

The “unlimited EM pension” (statutory pension insurance) does not usually pay a reduced earning capacity pension until...

Can I emigrate with an EM pension?

Yes with an EM pension, you can, but the amount of your pension may be reduced. It is possible to emigrate to other EU countries w...

What does EM pension mean?

Better known as disability pension, this form of early retirement has been called reduced earning capacity pension or EM pension f...

How much is the statutory occupational disability pension?

The amount of the pension depends on the number of years of contributions and the gross salary. As a general rule, a statutory occ...

How is an occupational disability pension taxed?

In principle, these payments are taxable. However, you will rarely have to pay tax on benefits, because generally only the so-call...

What is a disability pension?

A statutory occupational disability pension is only available to people with statutory pension insurance who were born before 1 Ja...

What is the difference between EU pension and reduced earning capacity pension?

The statutory reduced earning capacity pension is intended to compensate for financial losses caused by the premature end of gainf...

Who pays for a nursing home if the pension is not enough?

Currently, about four million people in Germany receive care allowance because they are in need of help. Depending on the care lev...

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