What can our independent advisors do for you?

Our experts are available at your fingertips to help you make the most of your money and investments without jargon or complexity.

Free assessment

Discover your expected government pension

Find out how much the german government will pay you when you retire after working until age 65.


Review your existing pension contracts

Understand how much money you will receive from your private or company pension contracts.

Get a solid overview of your options to save

We provide you with a clear report on what you have and what you can do more to save for retirement.

Personalized plan

Keep an eye on your money

With your Horizon65 private pension plan you will have an overview of what your money is doing with you at all times.


Truly personalized to your preferences

After you have explained us what companies and projects you are comfortable with to invest in, we pick the most suitable funds for your future.

Optimized for value-for-money

We are able to propose the best value-for-money retirement plan that wherever possible maximizes your tax advantages.

Real-estate advisory

Invest in passive real-estate investments

Invest in tangible real-estate projects around Germany with guaranteed rent and full-service management as completely passive income.


Track the market value of your properties

Discover your current home value based on the value of your properties based on 200,000 yearly sales in Germany.

Track potential rental income of your home

We work with sprengnetter to provide you recent up-to-date information about the rent you can charge for your properties.

Investment advisory

Review your portfolio performance risk

We review your existing portfolio with sophisticated monte-carlo methods to evaluate how it could perform over 30 years


Harden your portfolio against one-off risks

We can recommend adjustments to your investment portfolio to ensure you have good returns even in adverse situations.

Select funds that align with your values

We can select the most appropriate funds for your risk tolerance and explain you the costs and benefits of every fund.

Risk mitigation

Life insurance for your family

When life gives you more than lemons. Your partner and childrens’ financial future could suffer so secure them with life insurance in case you no longer can.


Protect your income from unforeseen events

1 in 4 adults lose the ability to work to a variety of causes such as mental health problems, incurable mediocre illnesses and accidents.

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